Top Breeds for Older Couples

One of the key benefits that dogs provide that are very useful to senior is companionship, motivation to exercise and affection. For many seniors, life can be harder because they now lead a lifestyle where they socialize less. Having a dog allows them to be happier as they have someone to lavish affection on that is reciprocated, and a reason to get up every day and remain active. Even those with health issues often enjoy better recuperation when they have an animal willing to spend time lounging with them than when all alone. Nurses are often busy with other tasks and family will only visit for brief periods before getting back to their own lives. A pet, like a dog, will however remain by your side as long as you wish it.

There are certain breeds that have a suitable temperament and grooming needs that makes them ideal for older couples wanting a pet. A good way to narrow down to a suitable choice of breed is through resources like http://purebredbreeders.com/. The organization not only has an extensive listing of pure and designer breeds from reputable breeders, they also have specialist on staff that can help novices find the right choice of dog for their living circumstance.
  • Greyhound

The greyhound is a great animal to have around seniors. They are typically taken in by families when they have retired from racing and quickly adapt to a more sedentary lifestyle. Their calm demeanor and average sizing makes them a good choice for seniors who want an animal with fewer training needs and easy to groom. Once at home they tend to laze around and make for great companions to sit with. They are also age appropriate since they are brought home when already retired, just like their owners.
  • Cocker Spaniel

A medium to small sized breed, the cocker spaniel is a very docile creature. They have a very friendly nature and do not require much exercise, if you however want to go on long hikes or runs, they can still keep up. They do however have more intense grooming needs given the longer hair of their coats. They are also friendly with other dogs so if you live in a neighborhood with other pets, they can be a great way to make new friends.
  • Poodle

Poodles have a very strong bond with their owners. They are happy being able to stay close to them and can be very playful. They also shed less which means less of a cleanup. With regular grooming it is easy to keep their coats clean and tidy. They are also very easy to train and are happy to learn tricks for your entertainment. Their exercise needs are also easy to meet with daily walks being sufficient.
  • Maltese

This is another small breed that is highly popular amongst the older generation. They are very attractive in appearance given their long white fur, but it is best maintained when clipped short. Thankfully it sheds very little making it easier to keep the home clean.  The breed makes for a great lapdog and is happy to be carried around by their owners. Their minimal exercise needs are suited to more sedentary seniors. They are very loyal and quiet making them ideal for various living situations including apartment style housing.
  • Pugs

The pug is a highly popular small breed in part because of its adorable smooshed facial appearance and playfulness.  It enjoys attention from its owners and is very loyal. The hairs to its coat are very short making it hassle free when it comes to grooming. Its energetic nature however recommends it to more active seniors, able to satisfy its need for exercise and frequent playtime.
  • French bulldog

This breed is popular because of its calm nature and minimal exercise needs. Regular walks are enough to keep it fit and it enjoys close contact with its owners. Its affectionate nature and calm demeanor make it a suitable lap dog for seniors. It is however a breed that tends to be also popular with puppy mills that bred unhealthy varieties. Be sure to only choose one for a reputable breeder and have it checked out by a veterinarian.

Different people live in different circumstance and it helps to get professional help in narrowing down to the best suited dog. If you desire to adopt a dog from a shelter or want to raise a young puppy, it is not too late to start even at an advanced age. You simply need the right match which Purebred Breeders LLC will help you with.